Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Look Back at June's Volunteer Trip to Sankofa

For a few more pictures and stories from our June 2008 volunteer trip to Sankofa Children's Home and School in Ghana, please go here! (I'm afraid I was too lazy to repost all those pictures again on this blog...) These are some new pictures taken by several of the volunteers, with the stories that go with them!

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Beautiful Mess said...

Extreme Makeover: Jesus Edition

Because I am leaving a comment on your page, that means I am a “follower” of your story I am not a random person just posting for posting sake.

I don’t know if this breaks blog etiquette or something. But I am risking it anyway.

I have posted a blog called “Extreme Makeover: Jesus Edition” about a family that needs our help.

Go, read, if you feel led.

Side note: for you adoption/foster advocates, there is another post that is “messing” with me if you care to check it out and comment. It is the previous post and it is called “Living Freely: Foster Care and THE CHURCH”

Hear my heart fellow bloggers, I am seeking nothing selfishly. Just trying to do the will of the ONE who sent me. Praise the Lord!