Saturday, January 26, 2008

News from the Continent #1

Since I can't possibly blog on the many different Issues Affecting African Children (IAAC) I read about every day, I'm also going to do an occaisional "News from the Continent" blog. I'll link to articles that I've read, and if you fancy reading them, just click the link! I try to keep up on news across the continent; if you'd like to do the same, a great site is .

Article 1 discusses SOS Orphanage's work in Ghana using Football (soccer) as a tool for development with children. Very interesting take on how sports and values can make an effective change!

Article 2 is also from Ghana, and discusses the government's new social policy to distribute money to the poorest of the poor. The article argues that the money could be more effective if used in different ways (and I agree!).

Article 3, again from Ghana, discusses the country's high child mortality rate-- affected greatly by malaria.

Article 4 discusses the dangers children face in tumultuous Kenya. Instances of child rape and violence against children have risen dramatically since the election violence began.

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