Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Please Pray for us!

So we've had a setback in our plans for this year in Ghana. Families for Children International founders Blaine and Katherine Porter were scheduled to leave for Ghana on Jan. 15th to finally begin the building of our school-- the first step of many. However, on Monday, Blaine began complaining of chest pain. After some tests and x-rays, it was discovered that he had several blood clots in his lungs. He is to be in the hospital all week as they watch him go through a round of blood thinners. He is feeling alright, but both he and his wife are of course worried, and very disappointed that their trip must be postponed. They hope to still be able to get over this year to begin the school. Please pray for Blaine to regain good health!

In better news, a former volunteer at New Life International has returned to Ghana this Christmas to see how progress has gone on the new building she has funded! The building will provide more sleeping, living, and playing space for the children, so they no longer have to share everything-- even beds. Hopefully when she returns, she'll be able to give us an update!

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